About Us

We at Waukesha South are committed to providing equal opportunities to ALL students. Our goal is to develop young men into productive, well-adjusted adults, by teaching them how to play football, to win. We use football to help build connections to school, to the community, to teach teamwork, discipline, hard work, to take pride in oneself, and to build a healthy lifestyle. We believe that ALL kids deserve these opportunities, regardless of ability to pay.

The strength of Waukesha South lies within its diversity. Our diversity of thought, background, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status is what makes our school so great. We believe Youth Football is a safe, healthy way, to keep young men engaged in school, to help them build confidence, to make friends. These are value we try to make available for every kid in Waukesha. This means we use a, “Pay What You Can” model. This model asks you to pay what you think is a fair price for our services. This also holds us accountable to providing your child with the best experience possible. We promise you’ll be satisfied with your experience. If your child has ever expressed interest in football, now’s the time to try it, risk free. We promise you’ll love it.

The Jr. Blackshirts cheerleading program was developed to teach athletes of all ages the basic skills of competitive cheerleading. We are a no-cut program, so whether your athlete has years of experience or wants to try something new, cheerleading is always an option! The Jr. Blackshirt cheerleaders cheer at select football and basketball games, participate in Waukesha South’s youth night events, showcase at Southside Showdown, and perform at a minimum of 3 competitions. Select cheerleaders who qualify for the state team will also have the opportunity to perform at the youth state cheerleading competition.

Cheerleading team is a 2019 state champion!